September 2018: Mexican Month at Blue’s Egg

Blue’s Egg is celebrating Mexico’s contribution to world cuisine through the month of Septiembre at both locations. This will be the first internationally themed month for Blue’s in Shorewood.

This is one of our favorite times of year, as we dig into region ingredients and styles of cooking. Specials will change daily and incorporate cooking techniques such as Migas, Escabeche, Barbacoa, Tasajo-style prime rib, and Michoacán-style pork confit. Look for dishes like Al Pastor Con Tortas De Papas, Omeleta De Marisco A La Mexicana, Elote Browns, Enchilada Omelette, and Chilaquiles Verdes.

Stop by for a Michelada? Should we make some passionfruit margaritas? We hope to serve you some of the best breakfast and lunch — and Mexican food — in the area this month of September!

Photo: Daniel Manrique (c) copyright 2005 Licensed Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0) (edited)

July 2018: French Month at Blue’s Egg in Milwaukee

Some of our favorite daily specials at Blue’s Egg in Milwaukee have come from our internationally themed months. We’re coming back to the culinary culture of France this July!

Like learning the intricacies of a historical art movement by touring the Louvre, we’ll explore the impact French cuisine has had on American breakfast and lunch. Blue’s in Milwaukee will be serving up French specials all month — except Wednesday, July 4, when all Black Shoe Hospitality restaurants are closed for Independence Day. Note: Blue’s Egg in Shorewood will not offer French-themed specials.

Our teammates from Maxie’s will again be at Bastille Days, a FREE street festival celebrating French culture, in Milwaukee’s Cathedral Square park, July 12-15.

It’s Irish Month at Blue’s Egg!

Stop by before your St. Patrick’s celebrations or any time during the month of March to check out daily specials inspired by Irish cuisine. While we always have our Dubliner Benedict, we’re digging a little deeper into the food of the Emerald Isle.

Specials change daily, but some of the creations we’ve enjoyed include an Irish Boxty, Fried Oysters and Eggs, the Dublin Lawyer Omelette, A Brilliant Stout Benny, Guinness Browns, our own house-made Bangers, and lots of awesome Irish cheese, like Kerry Gold Dubliner and Irish Porter Cheddar.

Italian Month at Blue’s

Blue’s Egg is exploring Italian food and Italian-inspired brunch creations through the month of February. This is the first time we’re featuring the varied and influential cuisine of Italy for one of our month-long parades of daily specials.

We’ve made our own Pappardelle pasta, Porchetta, Italian Sausage, Giardiniera, and Ciabatta and Focaccia bread to use in dishes. A big hit was the Filetti di Sogliola con Caponata — pan-seared sole filet with caper caponata and blackberry-red wine reduction. We put Bolognese on a Benedict!

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Blue’s Celebrates Mexico in September


As we’ve done in the past, Blue’s Egg is celebrating the culinary heritage of Mexico through the month of Septiembre!

Chefs Americo, Victor, Scott, and Joe are exploring the region cuisines and ingredients. We’ve already seen creations such as: Enchiladas Con Mole Guajillo, Benedicto De Lengua De Res, Huaraches de Tinga, Al Pastor Benny, Tres Leches French Toast, Chicharrones En Salsa Verde, and Cochinita Pibil. We done versions of our favorite Browns: Escabeche Browns, Fiesta Browns, and Elote Browns.

Our goal is to serve the best brunch, and we hope you’ll enjoy some of the best Mexican food in Milwaukee this month at Blue’s!

July is French Month at Blue’s Egg

Because Paris is probably hot and crowded right now, and because everybody takes August off, and because we can’t afford to fly you all to a château in the South of France… we’re going to do this!

We’ve had a lot of Frenchie fun in previous years, and we’re planning to bring out the best dishes from our exploration of this rich and varied cuisine.

Stop by any day this month to try some French specials — except Tuesday, July 4, that’s America’s day. Blue’s Egg will be closed on the Fourth of July. Our other restaurants, Maxie’s and Story Hill BKC, also are closed for the holiday, but Maxie’s will be at Tosa Tonight for the City of Wauwatosa’s Civic Celebration, a free concert by ABBA salute Dancing Queen and FIREWORKS.

Our friends from Maxie’s will also be serving at Milwaukee’s celebration of France, Bastille Days, in Cathedral Square park, July 13-16. Let’s have some fun as we celebrate the country that invented restaurants!

It’s That Time of Year Again — Patio Season!

The sun’s out and the patio’s popping! Through summer, we’ll serve brunch on the patio Monday through Friday, weather permitting.

On Saturday and Sunday, it’s a patio bar and lounging area with coffee, mimosas and one of Milwaukee’s Best Bloody Marys, weather permitting.

Blue’s was named one of “8 Great Milwaukee Brunch Spots for Long, Languid Weekend Mornings,” — what could be more summery than drinks on the patio?