It’s Holiday Party (Planning) Season at Blue’s!


We’re always looking for a reason to bring out our dance floor – so we’re already dreaming of all the great end-of-the-year parties to come. As you’re thinking about your next big event, it’s important to keep in mind that we can do nearly anything.

Blue’s Egg is available for fully private evening events. It’s not just for breakfast anymore! Our chefs craft classic American fine-dining dinners in cocktail, buffet, and family-style formats. And if you’ve never been to a Private Party at Blue’s, you will be amazed at the elegant, modern dining space.

Seared Ribeye

If you’re hosting a cocktail party, you could bring as many as 120 of your friends – and we’ll bring an extra bartender. You could preorder a plated menu, and really go big with steakhouse-style options.

Family-style might be the move for a more fun dining experience. And everybody knows you’re in for a great meal when you see a big ol’ buffet.

And if we don’t have the options, date, and time available, check out the options at Maxie’s or Story Hill BKC. Contact Yolanda Doney at 414-336-1005 or [email protected] to reserve your date.

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